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Fight with Heart

***UPDATE - Dec 18 2013***

Took a huge break, but I'm back! Didn't add a table because I don't need one, but I did add two forms and an iframe.  Still looks rough, but I'm really getting into the coding. My big issue is that I don't want to have to edit each html page everytime I update. I hope that eventually we go thru how to do more dynamic web-building, like having a blog or newsfeed.

More updates: completed the 3rd section....might stop here for today.

Check out the updates at:

***UPDATE - Sep 10 2013***

Ok...I have now uploaded my index page and am working on the links to the other pages. Any feedback is welcome! I want to change the colors a bit because looking at it on the web it looks a little too bright and not that 'professional'.  Also, I wanna use the grips photo I have here.

**Original Message***

This has been an ongoing project of mine, starting with HTML, then moving to a dynamic website, then hitting a wall and stopping for several months, glad to be back at it! The focus of this website will be on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I hope eventually it can be a go-to site for news, info, tournaments, and more. I also would like to create a map where you can find jiu jitsu gyms across the globe. Thanks for any suggestions!


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