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Fight fire with fire


I took the 14 day challenge but I had more free time to complete the class and enjoy coming up with nice illustrations.

So As I started I chose a few idioms and tried thinking the different ways I can illustrate. I Finally selected two:

  • Fight fire with fire
  • step up the game

I could only think steps in a game for "step up the game" Somehow I couldn't think further. So I went along with Fighting fire with fire. I tried coming up with a word list and some illustrations


This is the page from my sketch book (not to clean). 

So after that I slept the day off and When I least thought about the project, I got this idea for a fire being frightened by fire. So I decided to go with that concept. It shows more than a fight. 

So I first did a sketch of how I want it


I used the blob tool to outline and started applying colors. I used a fire font to write the letters. 

Finally I exported the page to photoshop and applied a common texture. I really loved the idea of seperating the colors and apllying textures individually but I realized I don't have that much patience nor a blender pen :)

Anyways I was quite happy with the texture. It looked cool enough. I applied a gradient background too. 

I hope it gives out an effect of a chalkboard. Thats how I felt. 

So anyways. Ta da


I hope you guys enjoy my project :) 



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