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Fight Club

So Jessica is one of my heroes in the design/type world (heyyyy Jessica haha).. so I'm pretty pumped to post my project here. My iphone is on the fritz aka I dropped it in a cup of water, dusted off my digital camera, only to find that the battery acid had leaked out and corroded the whole thing, so unfortunately I can't post pictures of my sketches at this time. But if you're dying to see them I'll be able to update with them. So for now I'll post up my inspiration words/moodboard then design finals and explain how I got there. Cool? Cool!


Fight Club, penned by Chuck Palahniuk. For those who haven't read the book or seen the movie (which follows Chuck's words pretty strictly), it's about a *spoiler alert* man named Tyler Durden who is schizophrenic, meets an alter ego also called Tyler, who represents everything that he isn't and wished he was. Tyler hates his office job, his perfect IKEA apartment, and his boring cog in the wheel life. Enter alter ego Tyler, who is the mastermind behind Fight Club and Project Mayhem, basically breaking a population of "men raised by women" of their fears of society, hoping to create chaos and go back to a primitive way of living.

I chose the letter P, not only because of the author's last name, Palahniuk, but also because Project Mayhem plays a huge role in the novel, and I thought I could illustrate this as well.

List of words:

alter ego, tyler durden, anarchy, blood, bruises, broken bones, gun in the mouth, imperfection, destroying something beautiful, fighting, bare hands, cutting wires, explosive, stitches, scars, chaos, good vs. evil, superficial vs. real


played with a "P" forming the pectoral muscle and the bicep of an arm underneath of a business suit. Also played with the P being set in a bundle of explosives with the red and blue wires coming out, still wasn't exactly what I wanted.

Final Concept:

Decided on going with a concept depicting the alter ego Tyler as a huge counterform within the "P", representing Project Mayhem, who is controlling the marionette puppet in the business suit, who is essentially Tyler himself. I like how the form of the letter draws your eye down and follows the illustration within. I chose to do a simple black and white with harsh lines for his alter ego, and limp smooth lines for the puppet to draw contrast there. The only accent color is red, highlighting the stitches, the tie, and the title.

What do you guys think??


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