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Michael Tanner

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Fight Club - Chuck Palanhiuk

Hey guys! Very excited about this course and project! My chosen book is Fight Club by Chuck Palanhiuk. Not neccessarily my favourite novel but I completed it recently and I loved it!

Below is my brainstorm which I quickly jotted out. This book is pretty dark with some really intriguing under-tones.


From my brainstorm, here are my initial sketches, with notes below!


1. This one is pretty literal, using the two horizontal strokes of the F to form two fists. This visualises the violence depicted in the novel

2. (top right), this one is a bit more lateral, focusing on both the mental illness and the destruction caused by Project Mayhem. By having parts of the characters broken off I can have a bit of fun with how they are scattered down the cover of the book. i'm quite excited by how this one can turn out but I think I might have a think about how I can perhaps include another imagery focusing on the mental health.

3. (Mid left) Similar to 1, this one is focusing on the violence aspect. I have wrapped around the "head" of the character with a bandage, and included drops of blood on the bar. What I like about this one is that it represents the character more, throughout the novel he is beaten and bruised not just on the outside but on the inside with him insmnia, mental issues and split personality.

4. (mid right), I feel like I am cheating with this one. One strong F on the front (main character), with a group of F's behind him. This image shows the importance the main character has on the fight club and project mayhem, he is there leader, icon, God if you will. But, as I said, I may be cheating by having multiple characters and to be frank I want to concentrate on a single character which is what this class is about! So as i'm typing, i'm ruling this one out!

5. And finally, one that mainly symbolises and envisions mental health issues. Not sure what I would do with the main F, but with the shadow that is being cast I want to really distort it, beat it up a little, to not only represent the damage that project mayhem do, but the damage that the events of the story take on the lead character.

I am going to have a day to think about each of these, as I think all of them would make a nice drop cap! Would love to hear your thoughts on any particular favourites or where I can take a certain idea.

For now, peace out!


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