Figawi Booze Cruise Landing Page

Figawi Booze Cruise Landing Page - student project

I live in Boston and have been doing business on Nantucket island for a few years now. Every year they host a very popular sailing race called "Figawi" in which thousands of people travel to the island for the race and to party basically. 

In the spirit of an easily sharable landing page to collect users I'm planning on hosting a small "booze cruise" for a few hours during the Saturday of Figawi weekend (Memorial Day Weekend). The boat will hold about 100 people and sail for about 3 hours. 

My launchrock landing page, which will be up shorly at will serve the purpose of getting people to submit their email to reserve a spot on the boat. I figure its the type of event that people will feel compelled to invite their friends to and hopefully share quickly via facebook  and get people to signup at very little cost to me.

Check it out so far!: