Fifty Free

Fifty Free - student project

Day Uno

Today I notice how I felt when I cleaned out three, not just one of the junk drawers in our house.  See, I am trying to fill my days with tasks so that I can feel accomplished at the end of this quarantine.  So it won't seem as if I did absolutely nothing when I eventually return to the 9 to 5 arena of slow death, LOL!! 

Drawer One was in the kitchen.  It held mostly random items like, batteries (who knows if any of them work); pills, cords, phone charger bases, scissors,  three books of postage stamps (now if I needed one, I wouldn't be able to find one), receipts, users manuals, screws, tea lights, birthday candles, pens, markers and the highlight was my a pin of my then 7-year-old, now 21-year-old son (as of last month) team football photo.  

Drawers Two and Three are in the living room cocktail table.  It had many random items as well, like, more receipts, users manuals, old remote controls, an ancient electronic football game, cards, glue sticks, birthday cards, pens, scotch tape, cough drops, my extra car key, bills, Christmas cards.  And then I ran across the red Girl Scout money pouch that we would collect Girl Scout dues in when I was the Leader of my two older daughters (now 25 and 23) Girl Scout Troop.  I thought when I opened it I would find Girl Scout patches.  I didn't.  What I found were about twenty old photographs of my children and I.  I found two photos that my three daughters and I (then 1, 7, 9) took at the South Dekalb Mall in Decatur.  Wow!!. I found a wallet-sized photo of that the girls then (6 and 7) took at their first Father-Daughter dance with my now ex-husband.  I found basketball photos of Tiana and Troy.  Megan's first modelling Comp Card.  I found a Comp Card I had created for myself. Wow is all I can say.  Where did the years go?

Cleaning out those drawers provided me with the validation of having accomplished a task for the day.  But most importantly and memorable for me is cleaning out those drawers made me feel the validation that I have some really great kids and some really great family memories.  And that even though their dad and I are divorced and our family isn't where I envisioned us to be right here and right now, that WE are all right where we are supposed to be RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW.