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Fiesta Del Sol

This collection was inspired by a trip to sunny San Diego. There is nothing like the intricacy of hand painted Mexican tile, the pop of vibrant color of the bougenvillea climbing up a stucco wall and the beautiful colors of the ocean and flora that surrounds it. I wanted the collection to evoke the feeling of relaxing by the pool in the sun, surrounded by beautiful flowers and homey textures.


My collection came to life with graphics of desert and beach flora and fauna and traditional mexican textiles and tiles. Each design was created by paining the designs by hand then digitizig them to create a unqiue and rustic texture.

My sketches:


My collection, working title "Fiesta Del Sol":


This collection feels very vibrant and alive that I think it would work well in a lot of formats! Here are just a few possibilities.




Thank you for viewing my designs and I look forward to the feedback!


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