Field Guide to Nick

Field Guide to Nick - student project


Some of the biggest problems we face come from within.  To often the simple fear of these problems pins us down and prevents us from overcoming.  I want to create a zine that is very personal, a field guide to me that I can use in my daily life to keep me going and to remind me of whats important and what I how I should approach challenging situations.  The hope is that in revealing my struggles I can help illumintate others and that a personal zine can become universal. 

I want to try and keep this close to 50/50 between text and illustrations.  I really like the format of haivng illustrations match facing pages but also want to play with some full width illustrations and copy. 

I recent;y put together a small bookelt that worked as an invitation to my wife's baby shower.  This was 4x6 and was staple bound.  While this gave me some experience in making a  cheap simple book  it's not very useful for daily use.  For the field guide I am thinking of stiching the bindind and increasing the size.  Still need to give more thought to printing techniques - love the idea of risograph but not sure if I want to print enough to justify this technique - at least for now. 




• Procrastination - “I’m tired no” “Tomorrow sounds better”

• Doubt - “I’m not good enough” “It’s too late” “Too many people better than me”

• Being a Bore - “I’ll just stay home” “I can’t afford fun” “Vacation is for schmucks”

• Consumption - “I need more shiny things!”

• Impatience with Others - “God he’s a stupid cunt- I just can’t work with people!”

• Isolation - “Hellllooooooo?”

•  (More)


1. Actualization of visions and Goals

2. Family

3. Connection / Synergy / Spirituality

4. Living Artfully

5. Independence - Freedom

6. Humor - Positivity

7. Resilience - Security

8. Health

9. Natural World

10. Travel - Exploration

My Rushmore

• Louis CK

• James Victore

• George Carlin

• Zach Galifinakis

• Noam Chomsky

• Tibor Kalman

• Stefan Sagmeister

• Malcolm X

• Charles Bukowski

• Woody Guthrie

• Bob Dylan

• Townes Van Zandt

• John Prine

• Nina Simone

• (Need more women)

Vision of the Future

• Inner Life Ideal

• Outer Life Ideal

• How I Did It Spiel

Sketches Coming Soon....