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Field Day Creative - Company/Brand Logo

1.16.2014 - Edit

Here is my newest iteration - I'm pretty happy with it. I didn't get very crazy on the flourishing - I always feel like when I make dramatic flourishes they seem unintentional so I'm no very confident when it comes to adding them on. Any critiques or suggestions?



Hi there-

My name is Jenn and I'm creating a logo for my company called Field Day Creative. I'm hoping to use this digitzed calligraphy project as the header on my website and blog.

Field Day Creative is home to my multi-faceted creative interests of floral design, calligraphy and various forms of print making. I chose this name for my brand in thinking about my variety of interests and how much fun I have when designing and creating.

-Field Day: To have an opportunity to do a lot of something you want to do; A time of extraordinary pleasure or opportunity -

When doing my work I'm having a field day! So that's how the name came about. 

It seems like alot of facets which one may ask why not focus on one skill and refine that specific skill but by exploring multiple creative outlets I find inspiration that influences my other interests.


Thanks for stopping to check out my project. I appreciate comments, suggestions and constructive criticism.

1. These were my initial sketches exploring layouts and lowercase vs. beginning with capitals. From this I decided I prefer all lowercase as well as stacking field day over creative on the second line.

2. In this iteration I continued the first idea adding a few more flourishes. But wasn't satisfied with the spacing or how the c and f overlapped.

3. In this next iteration I did a similar version with what I thought was a little better spacing. I was pretty happy with how this turned out- But wondering if I could get more creative with the flourishes?:

4. I walked away from the project to make and have dinner for a few hours and came back to it- I really wanted to try and make the word 'creative' more creative. So I began trying to vary the lengths of the descenders on the base line. I then followed by trying a variation on 'field day'. It still needs another iteration- I think I'll try this more loose style in both a full line and stacked again and see where it takes me.

I am looking for feedback please on flourishes as well as the more structured style of iteration #3 versus the more freeform baseline in iteration #4. Thank you!







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