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Fictional Universe Storytelling: Outline Your Epic Adventure

Hello, everyone. My name's Michael. I published my class two days ago. Joining my class you will learn to create a basic outline for your own fictional universe. 

I didn't have the chance to really market my class previously, but right now I'm doing so...

Recently, I've e-mailed some of my family members, friends and almost everybody on my mailing list :)

Also, I prepared a couple of promo cards that I plan to share on Instagram. I will do it even if I don't have a huge following there. I will send those pictures to some of my writers friends that actually have an incredible following in other social networks, so they can share it for me.


Here's another one...


I'm starting out my second class that will be about graphic design.

I'm planning other stuff too, but don't feel really sure about it. 

I will keep you updated :)


First Update

After sharing a couple pictures of my class on Instagram and after I e-mailed some of my friends and relatives, I have my first 25 students.


Here's another one of the pictures I posted on my IG account. I've got pretty good comments there and now I'm waiting other people join my class too.



Second Update

A couple of weeks have passed and now there are 52 students enrolled. I kept posting tips that are included on my class on Instagram to keep motivating people. Here's one example...


Also, I'm going to post a thank you card on Instagram and here to thank all that people that has been supporting me these last weeks. Here it is...



Third Update

My class has been available for almost an entire month now. There are 67 students enrolled. I kept posting quote cards on Instagram and spreading the voice myself among the people I know. The pictures I've posted on Instagram had received a good response. People like the tips and the format they were presented. As result, I was asked to do an infographic for a writing blog using the quote cards I made, so I guess this will help too.


Also, I made this picture to remember people about that they can enroll to my class for free.



Fourth Update

My first class has been available for several months now. There are 124 students enrolled. I made another class, which is a sequel to the first one called: Worldbuilding: Create Great Fantasy Worlds. It's free for a limited time. Here's a cover I designed...



Fifth Update

In this occasion, inspired by this class' updates, I prepared a few posts to promote my channel on social media. Here's one of them...


I'm thinking to create others with a different layout, style and with my classes' logos, projects, etc.

Also, my very first class has 133 students enrolled. I made another class, which is a sequel to the first one called: Worldbuilding: Create Great Fantasy Worlds, which it's still free.

That's all for now.

As I said before, I will keep you updated :)


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