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Fiction over Fact

This line is from the Jimmy Buffett song, "Barefoot Children in the Rain." When in doubt, I always turn to JB for inspiring phrases! 

Here's the sketch (I've improved a lot since my project in "The first steps of hand lettering" class!):

And the inked version:

First textures:
I'm a photographer, and have shot lots of high quality textures of papers and fabrics to use in photo montages, so I'm considering playing with those here too)

Also, I really like the texture that the micron pen created in the word "Always," (during the inking process) so I may roll with that as well. 

Hopefully the textures wont look so horror movie-esque once applied :-P

Started digitizing with super basic coloring:

Finally added more detail and textures, both hand-made and Photoshop-generated:


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