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Fetch the Stick

I was glad to see that there was a class on doodling, I believe in all its benefits, and was happy to do this great class!

To begin with the animal shapes exercise I created shapes that I based off of the letters in the word "shapes":



Some of my animal doodles had some imagination to them.

For the text exercise I chose "Be Book" because it is the name of a blog/website I am working on creating, so I used this oppurtunity to generate ideas for how it should look:


There were a couple of the type looks I thought would work, but it will need some more refinement. Doodling for brainstorming works well!

My favorite of the exercises was the story doodle:


I had so much fun making this story doodle about a stick named Fetch and imagining different kinds of scenarios he would encounter.

For the listening doodle, I listened to a Ted Talk about trans-humans and immortality:


This class was great! Thank you for putting it together!


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