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Festive Letter paper with plants in winter


After a long walk through the forest with Bettina, we decided to collect beautiful plants with fresh bright colors. Rosehips and Ivy and this funny "nobody knows what kind of plant" were catching our attention. So we decided to use these for this project.


This is Ivy painted in Acryl. Bettina prefers Acryl. The light blue background is with watercolor.

This is the first painting of Letter paper, already used as a messenger of heart.


This Ivy was with oil painted on a light grey paper. It was somehow dissappointing, because the paper took in all the color. So much color needed to applicated to get a strong red and green. So  we decided to color the paper first with watercolor and then paint on it.



I used a yellow paper and colored it orange, using Schminke Watercolor cadmiumyellow light andp ermanent red. I kept the strokes diagonal to bring more movement into the picture. I had difficulties with the leaves but enjoyed painting the berries. The little dark on the berries I made with an inkpen.



I enjoyed this one very much. Especially the sharp pinned leaves i decided to use a dark yellow tone, with a very thing brush. There is not so much on it, but I felt it is more calm like this.



Finally the rosehips! I tried to bring a frosty expression on them. At first with on a white aquarell paper. The colors came out so beautifully. While painting I discovered the little tiny rosebuds preparing for spring inbetween the rosethorns. Like they being protected by the thorns, always to thorns on each side, made me feel the wonder of life.

The frost gave me alot of thinking. I tried with chalk, with white color pencil and finally decided to use a strong bristled brush and a tiny bit of oil paint and voilà, see yourself. Thats the best I could get. Maybe somebody has another idea how to solve this problem.





I was not so happy that the  frost did not show so well on the white paper so I tried again with a colored paper.  Unlucky it was not so good for watercolors, The paper absorbed the paint so much that the color was always pale and I had to apply it several times and it does not have the brightness of the red on the white background. But the ice is better visible. I applied it with a white pencil.






I really enjoyed this project. As I experimented with watercolors, I believe guache colors are maybe more easy to use, Or I just need more practice. If you have another project again, I might try again.

Thank you for sharing and looking at my pieces.

Few days ago I cut the withered flowers in my garden. The orange "Lampions" of the Physalislike flower I kept for making flowerarrangements for autumn decoration, not sure yet what it will be. Wanting to try out your classproject I decided to use these.


Quickly a sketch composition following your example


This is my work in progress. I enjoyed the color mixing and the 5 different types of orange. I used cadmium yellow light and permanent red 3, and indian yellow and permanent red 3. For the green I used ultramarine blue and cadmium yellow light. which made a delightful bright green color.


Here we are!  I am proud to see my autumn letter paper. i love it. Thank you for giving me this inspiring tutorial. I love it.



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