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George Banks-Weston

Food and Lifestyle Creative



Festive Gestalt Patterns

This project has been really exciting for me.  I am a food and lifestyle blogger, who just recently got into graphic design. While my skill level in Adobe Illustrator is in between amateur and moderate, and am always looking for ways to become more skilled. Pattern design is also something I've always been interested, so I am taking this course to try something new.

With an interest in food and lifestyle, my board centered around concepts related to entertaining and interior design. Using these concepts I helped to inspire my pattern designs below.



Pattern Designs

With so many Gestalt principles to choose from, I've decided to play around with Closure, Proximity and Figure / Ground.


Final Patterns


I am excited to take next part of this course, and bring my pattern designs to life in Illustrator.

Final Patterns


Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!


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