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Festive Fruits

My cooking knowledge is rather limited, so this collage was a bit of an exploration of some new fun ingredients.  I started off by looking up the hours of our local farmers market which I remembered driving past, but I've never stopped for.  Unfortunately, I failed to notice that that dates of the farmer's market ended two weeks ago for fall.  Whoops!  Fortunately the local produce department has a pretty vast selection.  Looking over the options, I loved the warm colors of the fruit section, so I decided to make an all fruit collage.  

The only fruits I had any experience with were strawberries and lemons.  I had to grab a bag of adorably small key limes and some beautifully colored Forelle Pears, but I knew the real stars of the collage was a delicious smelling starfruit and an exotic colored dragonfruit.  I sliced everything up and layed it out as I went along on a large piece of white posterboard.  The end result smelled amazing and I loved the way the warm yellows, greens and reds worked together for a vibrant collage.

I edited to add some warmth and saturation in VSCOcam. 

My 8 yr old daughter didn't want to miss out on the fun, so we gathered all our fruits together again and let her try her hand at a collage as well!  My puppy's nose is in the left side of the frame- she was curious about our experiment too.

Here's her version of the collage.  She liked a more orderly layout and she had a great story to go along with her collage about how all the fruits represented planets, gallexies, and of course, stars!  

After creating our artworks, we snacked on some of the leftovers and even made some homemade lemon/vanilla airfreshener with the slices!  What a fun project!


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