Festivalhal 2019 map

Festivalhal 2019 map - student project

A client of mine wanted an update on their old map i did a couple of years ago.

With my recent increased interest in isometric maps, and their increased size, i figured it was time to update the map style a bit and fix a couple of consistency errors.

They agreed and a few hours later i had the result - a much happier client, a poster sized map, and work i was much more happy to present.

Festivalhal 2019 map - image 1 - student projectThe old maps. Started out as top down view and eventually evolved into something full of consistency errors as things was added over a year.

Come 2019 it was time for a change, keeping it easy to edit and add features

Started out with a top down 2D with all the new features. I used the 3D rotate > Isometric Top to make for a base and added details from there.

Festivalhal 2019 map - image 2 - student project

Festivalhal 2019 map - image 3 - student project


Martin Fredskov

Worldbuilder and Freelance Illustrator