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Nigel Payne





Another awesome class Jake!!! Leaning so much from you. What are you going to teach next?!

My perfect weekend would be catching up with some friends with some delicous food.

I've created some assets which I think would look neat in the paper style. Starting to make me hungry though :P


mmmm paper pizza!



Update: 23rd May

Finally a free weekend to work on this project.

Ok so I've been playing around in after effects creating the food scene but decided there was way too many layers and not enough depth going on.

So.... back to the drawing board. Gone for 'Festival in the woods' as my new perfect weekend.

I think with the trees, bunting and crowd I could get some nice layering. And gonna try and make the spot lights look like sheets of coloured acetate.


The illustartor file all split into layers


Textures in now for some colour adjustments. I've left the crowd for now as I want to try and make it with shape layers so each circle is wobbly about with a wiggle... not quite sure how yet?! If you have any tips please leave a comment ;)


Here's a 5 second animation in gif format:


Reach for the lasers! Whoop whoop. Thanks Jake!


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