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Festival and Concert jacket.

Here are important questions to keep in mind as you brainstorm ideas for your garment design:

1. What problem do you want to solve?

Many people go to outdoor music festivals, Burning Man, sporting events and the like with little understanding about weather, thunderstorms and maybe just feeling cold in the evening.  I have seen hundreds of people literally running around shirtless or in bikini tops with flip flops, which is great when it is pretty and sunny and warm, then the rain hits.

In these circumstances, having a light, wind/rain proof jacket with insulation, which can fold down to a very small space so you take it with you, can make a fun time out of a potential disaster. I think it could even be in a plastic tube the size of a water pottle, with a lanyard or something.  Maybe it could even stay IN the COOLER!

2. How are you going to solve it?

I suggest using a two layer rip-stop nylon jacket, reversible from Reflective on one side, and a color or print on the other.  In between sandwich a layer of the foil “Space Blanket”  used in survival situations.  This would provide a colorful / reflective shell, and the foil insulation to maintain body warmth and a wind and waterproof barrier between the two layers. 

Often the light weight jackets sold for fashion, when wet, actually cause more heat loss, because they are just a wet layer wicking away your heat.

Also, this would fold up into a small package, perhaps as a little hang bag for your cooler or belt which could also contain some sunscreen, lip balm, or other small items.

On my initial prototype, I found the need for a little stichching vertically front and back to keep the seperate layers from sliding around too much and ballooning.

I went with raglan sleeves to give a larger arm hole in case you have to pull it on over something else.  Also, reversable zipper in front.

I think you could add some pockets to the inside which, when reversed would be a standard patch type pocket on the outside, and viceversa.  Maybe with a velcro or zipper closure.  I think using a heavy weight lycra for the patch pocket could be nice, so you can put an oversized or odd shape in there.

3. How is it different from what's already on the market?

I have only seen two price points.  The lightweight non-insulated and very inexpensive porous nylon “Fashion Statement” jackets which offer no protection from the elements when they are wet.  OR you spend hundreds of dollars on a NorthFace or expensive camping / hiking shell which is overkill.  Not very easy to carry around at a music festival!

By adding the Foil insulating layer in between the light nylon, you have a substantial jacket which can protect you, and still look really cool.  Rip Stop nylon is perfect for event screen printing, and can readily accept quilting or embroidery.  It is also tear resistant, light and flexible and easy to care for.

4. Who is your demographic?

20-40 year old active Women and Men who attend music festivals or concerts and perhaps into the “adventure sports” arena for folks out on the trail and not carrying a shell. 

Also it could be useful in a more work oriented way for road crews or other outdoors individuals who may not have brought their entire bag of clothing with them.

I also think it could be a useful item for parents who take their kids out on adventures. A lightweight shell and a water bottle/ sippy cup in a small pack so each child has “their own” pack, but not too cumbersome to congregate if the child takes it off, drops it, etc.

5. How much would you pay for it?

$35 -$75 usd  retail.  Depending on style, cut, color, etc.

Cost estimate from own experimentation about 4 dollars in material plus sew time.  Maybe 10 dollars?  Not sure.

Market Research:

Totes® Embroidered Nylon Jacket


not water/wind proof. Single Layer Nylon, no insulation.

Ralph Lauren Rlx By Ralph Lauren Women Lightweight Jacket


no data about wind/waterproof.

BurBerry "Little Boys" hooded nylon jacket

73.00 - 250.00

not water/wind proof. Single Layer Nylon, no insulation.

G-Star Raw Chester Nylon Jacket


not water/wind proof. Single Layer Nylon, no insulation.

G-Star Raw Lincoln Overshirt 70's Nylon Jacket


not water/wind proof. Single Layer Nylon, no insulation.

Ben Sherman - Light Weight Nylon Jacket


not water/wind proof. Single Layer Nylon, no insulation.



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