Terrence Carlos

Nocturnal digital nomad, currently in flight.



Festival GIG Poster submission

For this Gig I went big and selected an upcoming Mountain Festival. I was pretty happy with the result so I am going to try and contact the promoter,to see if I can score some free camping tickets or maybe they can use the poster or a version of it.  

The most helpful parts of this course was learning to use the masking tool in .AI in a new way and also creating color schemes and useful, playful, fun patterns can be easy. It all came together by adding an overlay vintage texture, and really the initial conceot was strong in skecthing so the direction was easy to create an aesthetic from, even though it ended up like a Dr. Seuss poster, that was not intended! 

Here's my initial sketches and a some elements I used for repitition and form on an early black a white version.  Please leave any feedback on how this could be better, or which version catches your eye more. 







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