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Ferret/F/Headless Horseman

To start off, I tried thinking of an animal that wouldn't be as commonly done. Enter the ferret. An interestingly slinky kind of animal. I though it would be fun to attempt.

Process to final:


Then, for the letter, I decided on F (since ferret begins with F it was the first letter to pop into mind).


For the negative space part of the project, I simply glanced at some photos on google and got to work. To be honest, I didn't do too many sketches. Just a few to get the idea of things and then started playing with it on the computer.

So, without further ado, all three together:


Let me know what you think (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Thanks for viewing!

- Jonathan

UPDATE: 6/9/15

After some consideration, here are a couple other colorways, including a greyscale version. I also changed the eyes on the jackolantern for the headless horseman to give a more "sinister" feel (since the he wasn't a very happy fellow in the story).



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