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Rebecca Maguire

Dare to be different!



Ferret, M

Animal Mark, Ferret:
After trying a few different animals, I settled on a feret for their unique body and bandit eyes. 

I'm having trouble really capturing their "bandit" eye markings... I keep tweaking, but I would love feedback! 

The inspiration image


The final sketch


My work in progress


Updated with some suggestions: 
(One line for the ear, wider lines for the feet)


Letter Mark, M:
I started doing some sketches for this project... I decided to do an M since I'm about to get married and that will be my new last name initial. I couldn't really get going, I'm not great at sketching, but then I thought about doing something celtic since the man I am marrying is of irish heritage and we are doing some traditional celtic knots in the wedding. 

See what you think so far... I'm going to start putting them into vectors soon! 


I just realized I forgot to put up some of my letter marks. I still want to try a few things, but here is what I have for now:



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