Ferrari 404 Page

Ferrari 404 Page - student project

For the class project I chose Ferrari's 404 page. They have some existing copy in place but it is very brief and generic.

Ferrari 404 Page - image 1 - student project

From the company's own website, the Ferrari brand is known for 'Italian luxury, exclusivity, performance, design and quality'.

As a result, I wanted to come up with copy that fit in with this image, and write it in a way that a salesperson would perhaps speak to a customer in a Ferrari garage. 

Ferrari 404 Page - image 2 - student project

I decided to get rid of the 404, as this will be meaningless to some users and doesn't necessarily bring any value to the page. Instead, I added a brief apology before an explanation for what had happened (being careful not to assign any blame to the user). I then added an additional sentence to further guide the user in what action to take next.

With Ferrari's customers in mind, I kept the tone professional and respectful throughout while making the instructions concise and clear.