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Fermín & Matías

I always loved and lived with dogs, but I realized that in this moment of my life, I couldn´t live with one (maybe too much time alone). Then, I decided to adopt two cats: Fermín (black), and some months later, Matías (white).

After some weeks trying to play with them throwing a ball, I admit that cats are not dogs and I started to understand them. Finally, we connect!.

The colours of the cats was a chance, and visually is a nice contrast. Sometimes, for me it is a little problem (one of them disappear in the picture!!) but it´s a kind of challenge too.

They are very fast and agile, so it´s not easy to catch them by surprise! 

So, here I introduce my two shameless cats...


Here is Fermin when was a little, little, very little kitten. He was restless and playful. Very difficult to capture!.


Matias is easyer to photograph. He is quiet, and sleeps a loooot. 


Dedicated to Momo and Andrew. They were my present in my last birthday! - (cellular picture)

I have more pics in instagram: @gatobloggers

(Sorry for my english!!)


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