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Amy Lyons

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The Story of Ferdinand was one of my favorite books as kid. Actually, it is still one of my favorites. I enjoyed the story and the great illustrations, but also loved how my Mom read the story. So I wanted to pick this book for my Drop Cap project. It's also kind of nice that the author's last name starts with the same letter as mine ;).

The story is about a young bull names Ferdinand who liked to sit and smell the flowers while all the other young bulls would "run, and jump, and butt theit heads." One day when he was a full gorwn bull, bullfighters came from Madrid to find a bull for a bullfight. All the other bulls did their best to impress them, while Ferdinand went to sit under his favorite tree and smell the flowers. When he sat down, he sat on a bumble bee and as bees do, the bee stung him. Ferdinand jumped and up snorting and pawing the ground like crazy. The bullfighters then deemed him the fiercest bull of all and brought him to Madrid. When Ferdinand was brought into the ring he saw all the lovely ladies with flowers in their hair, and sat down to smell all the flowers.

These are some of the illustrations from the book.

As Ferdinand was so enamored of flowers I knew I wanted to use them in my drop cap. Looking through the illustrations in the book, I took note of the elaborately decorated outfits the bullfighters wore, and thought they would be a good concept for the drop cap. I went online and searched for detail images of bullfighter costumes. Here are some of my favorites.

I also decided to look for bullfighting posters to see what typography was used. The poster in the top left of the image above had such a beautiful treatment on the capital letters, I wanted to emulate it.

With my research and inspiration at hand I began skeching ideas.

Here is the final sketch I did before taking it into Illustrator to vector it.

I'm still working on vectoring the letter. Here is where I am at with it.


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