Femme Fatale

By definition, a woman of seductive charm, mystery and desire.

Fashion is something that has always drawn me for its aesthetic purposes -- I love watching concepts take life on the runway and in fashion editorials for magazine spreads. Although I'm a novice in all aspects of illustration, I'm eager to learn how I can transform the ideas I see onto paper!

While sifting through the various blogs and websites I follow, I've compiled an inspiration board of what drew me to fashion in the first place: the fabrics, the details but also the woman behind it.

As much as I appreciate looking at designs and the way clothes are constructed, I also love the way they fall on a woman's body in just the right way. In my own wardrobe, I've never been one to purchase overly extravagant clothes or wear a palette or bright or bold colors but I admire how they turn out in editorials. What makes me appreciate these designs even more is how they manage to capture the essence or the story of the woman wearing these pieces -- instead of overpowering her.

Here are some examples I found:


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