Female character in color

Female character in color - student project


Here's all my color experiments for this awesome class! Seeing as I am new to Procreate and using color, it was totally out of my comfort zone. And also sketching characters is a whole different thought process but so much fun. The finished result was not my first attempt. I sketched a few characters, and as in traditional, the lineart gives me much trouble, but when I started worrying less about making the lineart super neat I started getting more comfortable. Trying out the different ways of experimenting with color was so much fun.  My favorite was tweaking the sliders. With the lighting scenarios underlighting was the most fun to paint.  I struggled with changing the color of the lineart, ended up using hue, saturation, brightness majority of the time for it. Painting it on with the soft brush gave a funny effect I didnt like, I'm sure I was doing something wrong there. I came out of this class with lots of new knowledge about working with Procreate, the urge to create more characters and especially improve in sketching and using simplified and exaggerated shapes.


Please feel free to give any advice or critique. Thank you for this class I love it so much :D



Sliders.... personal fave but merged the layers without duplicating first so couldn't use as final project :(

Female character in color - image 1 - student project



 palette from a photo, still used the sliders...


Female character in color - image 2 - student project



 Three colors and white...


 Female character in color - image 3 - student projectFemale character in color - image 4 - student project




Using an analogous color scheme, in this case red violet

Female character in color - image 5 - student project

 Lighting experiments.... when painting the nose pop lighting I went to gallery view and when I returned I couldn’t put lighter values on her shoulders for some reason


Female character in color - image 6 - student project






Female character in color - image 7 - student project


Tash Van Der Walt
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