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Female Nordic Shaman

Thanks for the great class, Charlie! I've already learned much from you and the other students.


So my boyfriend is playing D&D with his friends.....and recently he's been asking me if I could create characters for him...

A female Shaman from the land of the Linnorm Kings (think mountains and taigas).
He gave me a vague description of her: 30 (now changed to 20) year old woman, spiritual/in touch with nature, wears fur.
The fact that she's suppose to wear fur made me feel like her sillouhettes would be limited in variety, but fortunately they all look fairly different.

This was the first time I've done any thumb nails to be honest. I'm sure if I was to do them next time, I wouldn't worry so much about how 'clean' they look. I'll just go with it.

Refined Thumbnails:

I just finished my refined thumbnails. I picked 4 that seemed to be the most appealing and I think they came out pretty good.

Note: My boyfriend decided that the shaman woman should be younger (in her 20s instead of 30s)

You might noticed that I changed a few things about their silhouettes from their originals.


I finally picked my favorite amongst the four refined thumbnails. I felt like the second thumbnail fit the female shaman much better than the rest. Here are the different variations of her.

I guess my boyfriend liked the idea of her having a familiar, and after creating all of these I think my favorite is still the first one. I do like the pseudodragon a lot though.

Finishing Details:

Finally she is done! My hand is cramped up so bad, because she took sooo long to complete. I hope you all like her. :)


I did a quick coloring for her.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback you have all been giving me! Everyone here is so kind and talented.

Thank you, Charlie. The class was an excellent experience, and I will most definitely take what I've learned here and use it in the future. :)


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