Female Character Design

Female Character Design - student project

I don't have any Copic Markers, so I used Aldi Graphic Markers. They have a fine point and a chisel tip. 

Really struggled with trying to use the chisel tip to do the hair, so if anyone has any tricks with this, please let me know!

Thanks for this class Gabrielle! Loved it! It's a really fun way to approach drawing faces. Lot's to learn and some drawing skills to work on!


Any constructive feedback is welcome.


Female Character Design - image 1 - student project


Female Character Design - image 2 - student project 


Completed the below sketches in pencil after watching Gabrielle's previous skillshare video (before moving onto this video). There's some cool templates to download, which I've drawn on. 

Female Character Design - image 3 - student project