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Andrew Moore

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Felony Case - Extravagant iPhone Cases

Felony Case // Extravagant Phone Protection


I'm Andrew Moore, founder and designer at Felony Case. Hailing from downtown Toronto. Here's a look at how Felony Case grew to where it is today. I started Felony Case at the beginning of 2012 after seeing a photo of a spiked phone case someone DIY'd. I thought to myself 'this looks pretty cool, I think I'm going to try and make some of these and sell them to friends'

I ordered $80 worth of plain black TPU cases and gold screw in studs and spikes from Amazon. A couple weeks later I had 2 variations of a finished product - the studded case and the spiked case. This is the photo I shot on my iPhone and put up on a Big Cartel shop.

After tests, trials, and errors I have perfected the case, style, design, assembly, and product photography and have this

In a variety of colours


I took a trip to China last year to find a factory for a new case style. I designed it to look the same as the studded cases but instead of each stud being meticulously screwed in by my hands this is fully polycarbonate (a fancy word for plastic). The idea for this design came after receiving an email from one of the buyers at Apple who was interested in carrying my cases in their retail stores. After sending them samples he got back to me saying they have a 'No Metal' policy in their cases because it could potentially interfere with functions in the phone. He told me to get back to him with any new product developments. So I was off to China. I visited factories and narrowed them down to the one I would eventually work with. I worked with their engineer and my translator to come up with a plan and design for how we could get the look I wanted manufactured most effectively. Because I wanted the case and studs different colours we decided it was best to get 2 plastic moulds made - this would make it easier to paint the case portion matte black or white and have the studs metallic gold, silver, rose gold, or gunmetal. After they made the 2 moulds I tested samples for about 8 months. Here are some photos of me telling the factory what's wrong with the samples.

This is the very first sample they sent. The plastic was way too thin, it felt cheap and like it would break, there were sharp edges in the plastic that made it uncomfortable to hold, and there were gaps around the studs.

More problems

I also found a new style brushed metallic case in gold, rose gold, and gunmetal. I liked how they followed the same metal aestetic of our spiked and studded cases but were a little more subtle

While in China I also got another plastic mould made. It has an inset in the plastic on the back so fabric and/or leather can be fixed in and sit flush around the sides. I designed this when I started to see a decline in studded case sales. I knew I was jumping on a trend with the studs and that they wouldn't be popular forever. I designed this case so I could have multiple case styles by using different fabrics and leathers while only having to buy one plastic mould. Here is a photo of their 3D mockup for me to confirm

Here is the finished plastic inset case with a leather peice of ostrich that will eventually be affixed to inset on the back.

These are some of the latest case styles I designed:

Genuine matte black python on a matte black rubberized case

Genuine Stingray

Zebra and Leopard Pony Hair



Here are some sample screenshots of Felony Case Line Sheets. To view it all click HERE


I love the design element of running Felony Case but hate having to do the sales. I'm taking Jeff's Intro to Sales and Sourcing class to learn how to get my products out there in front of buyers and on to shelves. I'd love to hear what you think about my journey, process, designs, etc. If you have any questions I'll be glad to answer.


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