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UPDATE 11-15-14

First 10 pages posted.


UPDATE 9-21-14

Thanks to all for the feedback!  I don't think the original logline for Felon accurately depicted the story.  Here's the story, 

A. David runs away from an affluent but dysfunctional home. 

B. He and two friends, Michael and Rick, burglarize a drug dealer's home.  Things go awry, Michael and the drug dealer are killed. 

C. David and Rick dispose of Michael's body at sea. 

D. Karen, Michael's sister, enlist David's help as she looks for her missing brother.  David goes along, not telling her the truth.

E. The police begin an investigation.  

F. David and Karen become romantically involved. 

G. Michael's body washes ashore.  The police narrow in on David and Rick. 

H. The police offer each a chance to testify against the other.  Both refuse.  

I. Physical evidence that links Rick to the crime is discovered.  David confesses to Karen.  She wants nothing to do with him anymore.   

J. Rick disappears, leaving a suicide note.  The police tell David they know it's a ruse and when Rick is inevitably captured, his only chance for a short sentence will be to testify against David.  

K. David accepts a deal.  He's sentenced to 25 years in prison.  Karen visits him.  They agree to be friends. 

* * *


A runaway from an affluent home turns his life around, only to have his involvement in a crime threaten to take everything away. 


Weeks before a death row inmate is executed for being a serial murderer, the lauded detective who solved the crimes receives a call from a man claiming to be the real killer. 


Don't have a logline yet, but the idea for this is to do for bass fishing what Kingpin did for bowling.  


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