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Evan Nagan

Founder - Fellow Man



Fellow Man

After spending the better part of our 20s singing for various mid-west metal and punk bands touring the breadth of the United States, we have been honored to meet many amazing people along the way. Creating many lasting relationships and life defining experiences that have shaped who we are as people today. 

As we have grown, we have come to realize that life has become siloed, and a sense of community and togetherness has been lost or cast aside. 

We have always talked about collaborating together and creating something sustainable.

Keeping one goal in mind: to have a positive dramatic influence on people's lives.

There is an opportunity to build a brand around this idea and use clothing as a platform to tell a story. We as humans have a responsibility to grow and evolve and make life better. This is the inspiration for the brand and what ultimately led to the name - Fellow Man. Something that can bring people together.

Where and what inspires you?

Go forth and experience. Expand your world, so you can in turn expand someone else's.

Take inspiration from different regions of the world and tell a story through each clothing line. This could be through the visual language of the region: color, texture, pattern, nature.

Along the way, document the journey through photo and video and share via website and other digital media. This will help create momentum and sustain the brand long term.

I experimented with various logo marks that were all unique in different ways, but after sharing with various friends and family, ultimately felt that none of these were really working that well. Most of these logos have different connotations that are not right for the brand.

This logo was part of the initial exploration and was the overall favorite. It has a playful wink to it, with the leg's of the L's ressembling someone 'on the move'. 

The LL's of the logo can also be used as an icon.

When using the actual logo, the L's should always be slanted, never straight. However, when typing the word out in normal text copy, that instance is okay to use not slanted.

The icon should always be used slanted, never straight. The icon can also be used in heavier weights of the typeface when applicable, but always slanted.


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