Feline Family Gaming

Feline Family Gaming - student project

1. I use my account for is a social media account that goes along with my gaming channel. However, it has a bit of twist as my gaming channel is named after my cats who are always around when I stream so it has a focus on my cats, who I treat as the ones who are really running the show behind the scenes. The way I shoot the images tend to have a more artistic take in composition and not as candid as a normal cat based instagram would have. I take the time looking for a good composition and filter to make sure the image is what I actually want it to be. 

2. I chose to focus more on artistic shots of my cats because I don't want to be like the millions of catstagrams out there and felt this might help me stand out a bit more. I'm sure there are more artistic ones out there as well. Also I went to school for art and this seemed like a way to tie everything all together.

3. To acheive this I plan on using other apps outside of instagram to help edit and filter my photos to get desired effects from them.

I'm adding some photos from the account below but it is @felinefamilygaming 

Feline Family Gaming - image 1 - student projectFeline Family Gaming - image 2 - student projectFeline Family Gaming - image 3 - student project