Feline Family Gaming

Feline Family Gaming - student project

Might be doing it a bit out of order because of my means of movement from my fibromyalgia with moving my workspace around and whatnot. Really love how this plan is laid out though.

Feline Family Gaming - image 1 - student projectFeline Family Gaming - image 2 - student project

I wanted to use my original desktop so this is what everything looks like once I have it all sorted out and arranged the way I want it to.

Feline Family Gaming - image 3 - student projectFeline Family Gaming - image 4 - student projectMy phone ended up crashing allowing me to clear my apps out and start fresh even having a back up and what not. So I got rid of the apps I did not use and put everything in folders that are labeled and easy to go through. My main apps are all useable with just my thumb on my dominate hand.

Feline Family Gaming - image 5 - student projectFeline Family Gaming - image 6 - student project