Feelings through GroundHog Year

Feelings through GroundHog Year - student project

Certainly living on a quarter acre and not getting off it much will create a plethora of feelings. So this is the life of the over 70s crowd. You probably don’t see a lot of us crowding the restaurants as is normal because cooking three squares a day has gotten ‘old’. This image of the bike tire is me on my speedy trike or on some days my road bike. This IS my outing each day. I will be doing this through the winter except in the case of snow. It is a great way to set the frustrations free.

Feelings through GroundHog Year - image 1 - student project

The youth of today are receiving a world that some old folks have shaped. Yes some of us tried to make a swing to a healthier environment way back in the seventies. Remember ‘Silent Spring’? I experienced that. We stopped hearing the Wip-poor-wils in the woods after years of DDT spraying for mosquitoes. The 80’s brought concerns of climate change. I’ve had years of frustration over the non response. Therefore, the children in the picture who will have to respond to the neglect. The picture does not express all this. It’s just A bit too positive.

Feelings through GroundHog Year - image 2 - student project

Putting my yard to rest for the winter. This was a fun process to draw. All my leaves will be saved to feed the compost pile or put directly into the gardens. This is a cathartic cool down after my bike ride.

Feelings through GroundHog Year - image 3 - student project

This was my reaction to the prompt on compassion. I seem only to be able to forgive people for not knowing what they don’t know. It is hard to forgive ignoring truth. Sometimes I rage but don’t have a polite way to express it.

Feelings through GroundHog Year - image 4 - student project

This is a chalkboard that represents life. I have erased ‘doubt’ and replaced it with my outlook now. Most of my life has been spent with confidence and that carried me through moves and children and a work life but that is challenged at times, ie, erasures.  In the top corner you’ll see bits of darker dust. That could be the tangles of dementia that could make aging difficult. The bright bits at the bottom left are the creative endeavors that I hope will make my retirement and last years very enjoyable. So these are the thoughts of an ‘old person’ as described by this pandemic. I guess I am a bit taken aback by the description as my dad was even in his upper 80s. He didn’t feel ‘old’ until he was well into his 90s.

Feelings through GroundHog Year - image 5 - student project

Feelings through GroundHog Year - image 6 - student project Choosing to do what I like and enjoy. Getting out in nature chasing blackbirds.

Feelings through GroundHog Year - image 7 - student project

Everything going to be alright (if we all work on it together).

Feelings through GroundHog Year - image 8 - student project

This doodle is my voice going from pastel to vivid color. The range of feeling from soft curves to angles for my sharp tongue.

Feelings through GroundHog Year - image 9 - student projectJust discovered this bubble texture in Procreate and had fun making this self cheer. This kind Emotional day would be impossible to maintain so that is probably why rainbows appear and disappear so quickly. 

 Feelings through GroundHog Year - image 10 - student project
There is one dark wound from a long time ago that still burns. I used this fire to burn the reminders of it from my folder. It’s not worth talking about anymore but to say I don’t trust people who hold the power that can change my future and dreams.

Feelings through GroundHog Year - image 11 - student project

This says it all. I am recharged and have some projects in mind. There are classes that will help me out with some goals.

I enjoyed seeing everyone’s artwork. I drew things I usually don’t get into and that is eye opening.Now for some finished projects.