Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue - student project

Feeling Blue - image 1 - student projectFeeling Blue - image 2 - student projectFeeling Blue - image 3 - student projectAt first I was a bit intimidated with starting one. I am a huge fan of folk art style but I just did not know where to start or what looked acceptable. I learned to just go with the flow of things. The blue flower was more loose and fun to do. As I started over thinking again (purple flower) I noticed I wanted it to be "perfect" and I tried to control the flow of things. Even though it's okay looking, it doesn't have the same effect as the blue flower did. Perhaps it's the color combination that really makes the blue one stand out more to me too.

Either way, this class was amazing! And I'm SO happy I finally got the courage to try it. The line guides were a HUGE help too. I will for sure be drawing some more out and playing with more color combos.

Thank you!