Feeling Alone

Feeling Alone - student project

I started a blog last year and I have kept at it. The hardest part was feeling alone and having to learn and do it all from scratch. I keep second guessing myself and question every decision.

Quieting the inner critic is tough when I am doing it all without a lot of support. It becomes easy to believe that the voice was right and I am just wasting my time and lack talent. Hoping this class will help me to keep going.

I manage my website https://abrainaway.com, write for Medium.com, design for 5 Print On Demand websites and all the behind the scenes administrative duties too. This has been a learning-as-I-go situation. It is all throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks. I have to learn and execute all by myself and there are many days the load knocks me down.

It’s funny actually. I encourage others that they are not alone, yet I feel more alone than ever. I am grateful for forums like this that provide a tribe we can build together. Hoping to either find clarity and confirmation where I should be concentrating my efforts. I am my hardest critic.