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Feel the goodness!

*********************************See It**********************************

The sun is shinning on my body as I have my morning Me Time. With coffee, tea or an occasional mimosa in hand I allow my mind to be creative & free. In doing so I find inspiration to set my personal intention for this day.  I make sure Jesse & our children have food in their belly and a homemade lunch in their hand before head out the door. My day is planed around my workout and how I want to sweat today.  I spend most of the day in my garden, singing along to the loud soulful music of Sting, Seal, Celine Dion & Stevie wonder playing in the background as I pick food for dinner. My life is filled with love, laughter, music & art! I surrounded myself with people I love, relationships I cherish & many little things that make me happy EVERYDAY!!!


Phanie Meehan


In my garden I plant Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach, Kale, Cucumbers, Peppers (sweet & spicy), Basil, Cilantro, Mint June 2013

I Plant my first two fruits in my garden this summer 2013

I lead EIT by September 2013

I wear white lululemon shorts in St. Thomas virgin island November 2013

Jan 2014 I add 4 new makeup clients to my portfolio

I create 2 original pieces of SongLove to hang on the walls of our home by April 2014

May 2014 I am debt free

November 2015 I finish my newly redesigned all white master bathroom with chandelier 

In 2015 I buy my first hybrid car

My garden has 25 or more veggies, fruits & herbs by spring 2023


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