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Feel the VIBE

Feel the vibe is a project created by music lovers, which are truly passionate about music and giving the opportunity to social events to be truly amazing. Our core bussines is to rent audio equipment, mobile dancefloors and ilumination for social events.

We also promote new artists and new songs by our facebook page and twitter account.

We started 2 years ago with this business, everything went as we expected, but suddenly our sales start lowering, our competitors started lowering prices agressively, also we never went into innovation with our products. which they were really nice, but i feel that we are stock in a place where we only offer good things, but we dont surprise in a good way people expectations.

The company is in a city in Mexico, which has medium based econonomy, the strongest income in this city is by primary bussines such as: Agriculture, poultry, meat producers. 

Based on this, people is very rudimental on music taste and innovation. Talking in general.  We have an internal conflict on the company on how should we innovate and gain more clients by this, but at the same time we dont want to spend money on things people won't truly appreciate and pay for them.

Right now we are at the point were we are taking things more seriously with business, my partner and I already graduated, and we are looking to make real business.

But i feel we are stuck on the same.

Summer sales were good, but not as good as the last 2 years.

We had been thinking closing the business and leave everything behind.  but i dont feel is the best way to do things, because we still have sales. and also we know ho to do this business, and our brand is recognized in our city.


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