Feel my muscle

Feel my muscle - student project

The funny thing is that I started getting serious about losing weight when my best friend started losing weight.  I hate to admit it, but my fitness journey came out of jealousy.  I am naturally a petite (yet curvy) woman and when I gained weight it killed my confidence.  I was at the biggest I had ever been in my life and I was miserable.  I noticed that my best friend was losing a lot of weight so I joined a gym and lost a few pounds.  My best friend was the push I needed.  She was also the only person to tell me that I had gained weight!  I am so grateful for her honesty and encouragement.  

I decided that working out at the gym was just not enough for me.  I needed more of a push and more of a challege so I joined a boot camp class.  In my first four week session I lost 7 lbs of fat and gained 4 lbs of muscle.  Now I'm in my third session and although I would love to lose some more weight, it's not my main focus.  I try not to focus on a number.  Instead I focus on what I see in the mirror and I'm starting to like what I see.

Of course I have now decided that I need a new challenge so I looked into Crossfit.  I tried one class and was sore for days--but I loved it.  I officially begin that in February. 

Now here I am about 30 pounds lighter and I'm starting to see it!  I even have a little bit of muscle and I get so excited about that.  I tell everybody to, "feel my muscle" (seriously)!  I walk around in my workout gear and I feel confident.  I'm not to my ideal body yet, but I'm getting there.  I just try to challenge myself to try new things and I'm looking forward to a class that can help me reach my goals.  I have a 5k coming up in April and I'm going to Miami.  I will run that 5k and I will wear a bikini in Miami with pride.  These are the goals I've set for myself and with this class I hope to get closer to them.

The quote in my photo describes me perfectly.  When old friends see me they tell me how tiny or little I've gotten and the first thing I tell them to do is "feel my muscle" lol!  I may be little, but I feel fierce.