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My audience consists of females between the age of 35-45 that are moms, career women and or both. They have jumped from diet to diet and just can't seem to find their personal healthy. They lose 10lbs and then gain back 15lbs, and this cycle has been a 10+ year battle. They lack energy, sleep, and motivation. They have lots of lifestyle stress that they are unaware is causing lots of their unhealthiness. They are confused about nutrition, what they should eat, how much, whats "healthy" and whats not. They have nighttime hunger and cravings although they ate really "healthy" all day long, really they haven't eaten anything all day long. They have no idea how important it is to balance hormones rather than count calories and they are down right frustrated and for some hopeless.

How I can help is through my 12 week RADIATE program. This program conists of 3 four week modules that addresses balancing hormones to have you feeling great in 4 weeks or less. Through quality nutrition and quality workouts the body comes into its own natural balance. I also teach them how to put more time into their lives with various tips and tricks. In the 2nd module we will work on looking great. What works best for your body to keep your feeling and looking great ~ your optimal health!! Through trial and error we reveal your best health! Sleep, stress, mindset is all addressed as this is key to overall wellness. Finally, we finish with the lifestyle phase where we RADIATE confidence, accpetance, trust, balance, and joy as we have come to discover our best version. There is mindset training throughout the program which also addresses the problem of our thoughts and how we tend to battle with our own bodies. In this final phase we perfect the skills of living the fat loss lifestyle. How to vacation, go out to dinner, navigate food when you are not at home etc. Skills are monumental in learning how to live this out!

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