Feel Better Tea and New Teapot

Feel Better Tea and New Teapot - student project

Check out My Beautiful New Anniversary Tea Pot!

It Came with a matching milk pitcher and sugar pot!  

I'm fighting a cold, so I didn't go all out, but drinking a whole pot of tea made me feel better.  Pierson the cat wants to help too.  

I used one of my favorite large teacups and Novel Teas tea bags that have cute book quotes on the tags.  I made English Breakfast tea that goes well with milk and sugar.  I think it's great for dunking too.  

I bought fudge stripe cookies that were on sale for less than $3 and frozen cream puffs that were maybe around $4-5, I don't remember the exact amount.  I bought cool whip to top the treats, but I didn't feel up for putting it on today.  I ate the cream puffs still frozen although they are perhaps even better if let thaw for a bit.  Those treats have enough to cover many little tea times or inviting a few people over besides the cat.  

Delightful!  I love tea that will take milk as it cools it down for quick drinking.  

Share your tea photos.  No need to make it perfect, just share where you are!  


Feel Better Tea and New Teapot - image 1 - student project

Feel Better Tea and New Teapot - image 2 - student project