Feed your creative mind

Feed your creative mind - student project

Here is also link to my intro video to this course Feed Your Creative Mind - intro video

The project (as a part of my October challenge) here is to write down 5 ideal works that you have dreamed of when you were just a child. 

Do not hesitate to write them down straight away or take a day or two to set up the right mix. Then pick one of them that seems to be the most eye catching. 

Now comes the fun part: For a week, do as many small, tiny things that would make you feel like you are having this type of job. You will be surprised - even dreams like being a princess or a pilot have fantastic portfolio of possibilities how to feel close to them. Yes, even setting up email adress with this name or going to the airport just to watch planes taking off is a great part of the fun. 

Have camera or a notebook handy, take or draw pictures, make small notes. After the week, take your time and create a vision board (big paper) full of your pictures and notes. I encourage you to mix it with pictures or even notes from some magazines you have at home or you can buy one or two just to satisfy yourself doing this task. Do keep in mind, that the work is done when YOU feel that you are happy with it and do not need to change anything. 

Ready? Let´s go! Enjoy the journey of reaching out to your dreams and I cant wait to see you uploading pictures of your final moodboards with name of the dream job and if you will even with one or two key surprises that you have experienced during the week! 

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