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LaNita Thompson

To learn is to grow.



Feed Those You Love (QUI PASCAT TE)


This project was an homage to my grandmother. So I actually started with this idea of these two birds that were paintings by her front door for a long time. One was a cardinal and the other was a blue jay. So I took those color idas and found a sortof 50's color palatte that had those two colors. After sampling and uploading those colors to my creative cloud library. Then I focused on shapes. My grandmother first and foremost was about food, and feeding her family. Most of my memories revovle either around canning and preserving food or fishing for trout. I honestly think I learned how to use a knife before I learned how to use a crayon. It's really weird when, as an adult, cleaning fish becomes nostalgic.But I wouldn't trade it for the world. I hope that you enjoy my little story. 


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