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Feed Me- Home


Hi Everyone!   I recently joined the "November 30-Day Sketch-A-Day Challenge" and I can't wait to get started!  I picked up a brand-new sketch book and I'm ready to "feed my inner artist!"  


Looking forward to the start of the challenge in November!!

DAY 1:  Fall

I'm currently stuck in a hotel with only my Sharpie markers so my first sketch is just a simple black and white line drawing.  While I get home, I might add some pops of color to the leaves but the black and white lines are growing on me :-)  I like the contrast between the thick, bold letters and then thin, minimal leaves.  


Day 2:  Gourds

I have been really intrigued by typography and hand lettering lately so I decided to use some decorative lettering in my 2nd sketch.  Here it is!


Day 3: Colors

I just got back from travel and had about 5 minutes for today's sketch.  I really have to learn to let go and just enjoy art sometimes.  It's embarrassing to see how bad my sketches are when I don't sit down and plan out my projects.  I'm really, really trying hard just to enjoy and just do it, though.. even if it doesn't turn out the way I want it to.  Don't even ask me what the text on my sketch is :-) I tried to write my quote one way and then didn't like it.  So I did it again and didn't like it even more.

On a positive note, I have had a box of new colored art markers sitting in my pantry for a year and have never used them.  I thought that it was fitting to pull them out for today's theme :-)  It was fun using them and I can't wait to do more!


Day 4: Hay

Watercolors!  I played around with  watercolors today and very abstractly represented the "hay" theme by using shades of brown, yellow and orange,  I would love to use this as a background for a fall-themed quote but I haven't had an opportunity to do it yet.  Lots of fun today!


Day 5: FEAST

For today's theme, I created a hand lettering piece based on a silly family song that we sing before holiday feasts (especially Easter) when we have ham and scalloped potatoes (and sometimes even when we don't.)  I have a lot more that I want to do with it but at least I finished the rough sketch!  


Day 6: Bonfire

I can't think of bonfires without S'mores :-)


Day 7: Home

I was searching for an idea for today's sketch when I looked over at my husband to find our cat, Piper, drapped in her usual position across his lap.  I'm pretty sure that Piper and our other cat, Callie, believe that they are the all-mighty supreme rulers of our home.  When they aren't trying to sit on my husbands lap or walk across my sketchbook, they spend their spare time knocking over every glass of water that they can find in the house.


They both became the inspiration for today's sketch :-)  The text actually came from a video game that my husband and I played a long time ago... but I thought that it was a very fitting conversation for my dear little cats :-)



I had a craving to draw cute monsters today so I used the "Gathering" theme to sketch a picture of the completely fictitious (obviously) "Hellman Family Reunion."  It was quite a gathering this year :-)



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