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Nicolas Elizaga

Sr. Interactive Designer @ Discovery. Seattle!



Feed Fuel

Hi everyone! Finally getting around to spending some time on this :) I'll start by throwing some thoughts up, and some sketches shortly after.


My Goal:

Conceptualize and design a news reader that looks great, is a joy to use, and rewards the user for reading as much content as possible; after all, the more you content you consume, the more you learn.



  • I get in satisfaction out of completing/consuming digital things: checking off to-do items, binge-reading through my feeds, reading everything in Pocket (which will never happen, since I continue to fill it up), trying to get as many achievements/trophies as possible in games, etc.
  • I like the idea of "fueling a fire," where each article you consume is fuel or tinder for that fire
  • We're essentially sponges for information. I want to enable the sponginess ;) 
  • Consuming content directly results in learning in some way. The more you consume, the more you learn or expand your perspective (?)
  • This is definitely going to be a challenging project, since there's a ton of RSS readers out there that do a lot of the same things.
  • I don't think this will be an app for everyone... some people just want a good reading experience with no frills. I don't necessarily want to design something that caters to everybody, but there's always the option to keep the experience simple if that's what the user wants.



  • I know gamification is a bit overdone, but I at least want to emphasize the consumption of articles. Turn it into a score, or an achievement of some sort. People are 
  • Stats to track & share, such as "hours read," or articles 
  • Kind of how Netflix tricks you into watching the next episode in a series, the reader should make it dead simple, even addictive, to hit the next story when you're donw.


Word dump:

consume, absorb, guzzle, digest, gulp, engulf, soak, fuel, eat, drink, 

story fuel, feed fuel, feedcrunch, storybits


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