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February Sketchbook Magic Challenge

Day 29:  Leap.  Time to move from one challenge to the next.  Thanks for the prompts this month, Ria!  I have enjoyed using a limited palette and have learned that it's another great way for me to keep this daily sketch project structured and efficient, but I am definitely ready to mix it up again! 


Day 28:  Bliss.  Ugh, prompts like this are so hard for me.  Finally settled on the first cup of coffee in the morning, reliable and pleasurable ritual.  


Day 27:  Grow.  Succulents are fun.


Day 26:  Magic.


Day 25:  Safe.  Too burned out for anything other than a super-literal interpretation, but definitely thought about Ria's deeper meaning while doing this relaxing little sketch.  Doing a daily practice and participating in the online community around sketchbook projects has really opened up my definition of what I consider "safe" when it comes to talking about and sharing my work.  I hadn't really thought about it in those terms before, so it was a cool little meditation while mixing paint tonight.


Day 24:  Detail.  "Make it fancier," said my client.


Day 23:  Structure.  Icosahedron.  I keep my daily art challenges structured because it keeps me going.  I tried to do 100 Days last year and made it a little less than halfway, but I've found that keeping things bite-size, with lists of monthly prompts, really works for me.  Almost done with month 4, starting to think about month 5.


Day 22:  Fear.  Imposter syndrome, failure, can't quite pull it off, etc.  


Day 21:  Dream.  Um, the excellent apple I ate tonight.  Seriously, though, I am so sick of satsumas right now and it was pretty amazing to find crisp apples at the grocery store this time of year.


Day 20:  Precious.  I have been doing daily sketches in my Midori Traveler's Notebook since November 2015, and I know that the format has a lot to do with keeping it going.  I thought about starting 2016 with a nice new sketchbook but realized that I am so much more comfortable working with the inserts I make for my TN using cheapo paper.  So, it's precious and non-precious, and I don't think I'd be on day 112 of daily practice without it.


Day 19:  Theme.  Still loving using my four colors this month.


Day 18:  Past.  This is like if I was playing Pictionary and had the time to do a very fancy clue for "past."


Day 17:  Nurture.  New pot thanks to me, half-eaten leaf thanks to one of the cats. Good luck in this house, little plant.


Day 16:  Depth.  Ok, this one was fun.  I love well-designed dials, gauges, and clock faces.


Day 15:  Balance.  These shadows are terrible but trying to pull them into shape gave this sketch an unusual (for me) looseness that I kind of like.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  And I do still really love the grays I can get with Jet Black.


Day 14:  Gift.  Usually I get chocolates for Valentine's Day but this year I asked for a trip to the very cool neighborhood terrarium shop instead.  When I get it, I imagine that I will eventually be figuring out a way to shoehorn a painting of my new plant into one of these prompts.


Day 13:  Open.  All caught up but cannot focus properly on this prompt because of cats sitting directly behind me staring at my back, waiting for me to get up and feed them.  


Day 12:  Space.  Catch up #2.


Day 11:  Perspective.  Catch up, missed two days and now am coming back around to paint a picture about why.  Hard to balance everything when working on a deadline, glad to be getting back on track.


Day 10:  Time.  Not how I hoped this would turn out but some days it's just about showing up and doing the daily work. 


Day 9:  Texture.  Just a little piece of wood.


Day 8:  Memory.  I kept thinking about food for this one, and I confess that I picked the memory that worked best with my color palette.  This one time when I was a kid my mom made us freezer waffles with chocolate ice cream and peach slices for dinner, something that was so out of the norm for dinner time PLUS we got to eat at the counter instead of the table.  It was a super exciting night.


Day 7:  Composition -- tools used in.  Long day, super quick and super wonky sketch.  There's no way that pencil could draw a straight line.  These are my favorites:  Staedtler H pencil, Staedtler Pigment Liner .3, Princeton Snap Round 2 brush (although proportionally speaking this one is probably a 4).


Day 6:  Comfort.  I am a reader, and I love love a good long series of books.  I added gold Posca pen to my palette for the book bindings here but I always forget that the nice fine line I get with Posca in my sketchbook is so much blobbier when I use it on top of goauche, ugh.


Day 5:  Shadow.  I actually really think that light/shadow is something I want to work on soon, but not right now.  I spent a long time today working on something for a different art challenge, so "shadow" just gets a nice Friday night piece of cake. 


Day 4:  Light.  Tried some things here that I don't really love but I do love that daily practice means I can let this one go and try again tomorrow.  


Day 3:  Music.  Just a quick loose sketch of my favorite headphones.


Day 2:  Place.  We never actually stay in Long Beach but I always try to plan our beach vacations so that we can spend an afternoon getting ice cream and taking pictures in the giant frying pan.  I have mostly been using Ivory Black before this project, was thrilled to learn today that Jet Black makes the most gorgeous cool grays.


Day 1:  Root.  You guys, the latest West Elm catalog is styled with the most fantastic and structural plants.  I drew a page of them yesterday for a different challenge and was happy to have another opportunity today with this prompt.  One of my goals this month is to work with tonal value and I got into that a little bit here too.


Hi everyone -- fun to be back doing another Sketchbook Magic challenge month!  Since the November challenge, I've kept with daily drawing & painting practice through other monthly challenges, and am looking forward to Ria's prompt list for February.

My limitation for this month is going to be COLOR:  I am sticking with two colors + white and black.



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