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February Embrace Your Art Challenge

I completed the first Sketchbook Magic course last week, so I decided to take the next course, and participate in the February challenge.

I am limiting my work to watercolor with some type of masking. I am interested in exploring the creative possibilities of watercolor when used with masking fluids or tape.

Day 1: Root

With this piece, as I thought of "roots", the word "heart" sprang to mind, so I combined the two. I used an old acrylic fan brush to apply liquid mask. After it dried, I applied a single layer of red and green, and allowed them to blend together where they meet. 


Day 2: Place

I chose to paint a coral that reminds me of a trip to Curacao that I took several years ago. Snorkeling the pristine waters near the small beaches of the island was one of the best experiences of the trip. I enjoyed seeing the amazingly vibrant and varied coral, a small octopus, and a large sea turtle.


Day 3: Music

This image is based on the song Trust by Sixpence None the Richer. I've loved the song for many years, and with its calming melody, I began singing it to my daughter as a lullaby.



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