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February Challenge/Challenged


Back to my fallback in a time crunch: collage!!!



It's a full day with deadlines that are already a challenge...

Here is a quick sketch as a place holder for "Roots."  I hope to go back later and refine/color it.  The idea of strong roots being necessary to grow a good heart is what I would like to convey...


DEC 25

Well, I didn't draw every day but I stayed on course for making my Preserved Lemons Recipe zine and have printed the first copy.  Here are the additional drawings that went onto the pages.

I was introduced to water color pens and pencils and used them for the first time.

For not having done any drawing or painting in almost 30 years, I am quite satisfied with the results.  I look forward to the next project that will require me to keep drawing, as the simple desire to draw every day does not keep me on course.












NOV 11

Eighth day of 30 Day Lemon Challenge

Just wanted to do some quick sketching without taking time to learn more using the watercolor implements...pencils, trying different shades of graphite.


NOV 10

Seventh day of 30 Day Lemon Challenge

Added a blue watercolor crayon and a blue watercolor pencil.  Still don't know how these are best used...I guess part of my 30 day challenge will be to learn more about these tools.



Sixth day of 30 Day Lemon Challenge

Everyone has done such lovely things with watercolors in this class, it inspired me to try my hand.  I don't think  I've ever worked in watercolor.

I decided to start with the smallest collection of watercolor crayons and pencils - one brown and one yellow of each.

This is my first attempt.  I really don't know how to use these tools - water on the paper? water on the implement tip? water on the paper after drawing?  I think I tried all, not sure how I got to this...



Fifth day of 30 Day Lemon Challenge


Ran out of lemons to draw so here's another jar...this one done only in pencil. 

I'm getting kind of tired of drawing lemons, so I will have to start putting together the recipes and draw more ingredients lol...


Fourth day of 30 Day Lemon Challenge

Somewhat of a mess today, worked very quickly and distractedly to get a sketch done for Day 4. I need more practice doing the fast sketches though...

Colored fine point pen and pastels, a little of yellow pencil as well.



Third day of 30 Day Lemon Challenge

This is the first jar of preserved lemons for my holiday gift giving.  The lemons are already starting to disintegrate, so no defined lines for the lemons in the jar.  Had a difficult time trying to portray "mush."

Used pastels and fine point pens. 



Second day of 30 Day Lemon Challenge

Cut lemon done with fine point pens and felt pens for color. 




I'm taking the opportunity of the November challenge to make drawings for an intended zine of my preserved lemon recipes for holiday gifting.

This is the first, done with pastels (from a friendly supply swap) and a colored fine line pen.

I haven't been able to find a way to upload pictures or updates from a smartphone, so I am behind in uploading.  Anyone reading this with a suggestion, please help!  Nothing in the Skillshare help section...Thanks!!!

Day 4 + more


I just started doodling and decided that I would keep at this until all the white of the page was covered.  I don't know how many  hours I worked on it, took several days...

In my high school art school days (50 years ago?) I was always reprimanded for not finishing my work.  It was always that fear that the next mark would "ruin" something good.  Fear, fear, fear!!  So although this isn't the most exciting piece of "art," I do take some pleasure in knowing a covered every bit of the page!!!

Colored fine line pens, brush tip markers.  Some of the markers were so dried out, there is barely any color there, so may not show up on a monitor - but I know I finished!


Day 3

Thinking of yesterday's leaves, I was inspired by my box of paper snips...I forgot to roll the dice, but felt pressure to get something done in a very few minutes to beat the rain going home.  I like the interplay of textures and colors.  If I was working on this with more time, I probably would have done several different shapes, but these all work anyway.  I also would have positioned the leaves several times, but with only a few minutes to complete this, I just trusted my instincts and glued as I went...

I might try another version tomorrow with different shapes and some inked details...

I'm really enjoying the spontaneity these exercises require!


Day 2

Pulled "leaves" from the word box. 

I started with a pencil drawing and had to force myself to stay with the details of the veins.  My tendency is to do the outline, some shading and then move on, so this was a good exercise to finish one leaf.

Then I did the second leaf in pen, playing with colored pencils in the end. 

I would have liked to try a third with paint or watercolor, but have none.  I haven't had an interest in working in paint or watercolor since high school, many, many years ago but watching the videos has inspired me. 

Day 1

I am determined not to put off doing each lesson, as I have with other Skillshare classes.

I have drawers, boxes, shelves full of art supplies but no paints!!  What to do?  Okay, I realized I could find things with textures and do rubbings, so here is my starting point.


First try, not so successful. Some items don't make any pattern at all - fine sand paper block!!!-


But one item stands out - the hand carved bone flower buttons.


I like the texture for the fact that it doesn't look like a rose but an abstract design.  I also like the way the colors overlap. 


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