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February Challenge: Embrace Your Art

I did Ria's November Sketchbook Challenge, and enjoyed that, so when I heard of her next one, I thought I'd give it a go :) My big limitation is going to be time!!! But I will also try and use different styles, mediums etc. as I go, and will probably keep to doodles for this one. Oh, and I'll have to do some lettering...something I am trying to get better at.

Day 1: Root

I squeezed the ink out of a bottle of bronze ink/paint marker and quickly painted it onto the page before it dried - man, that stuff dries fast! Also the paintbrush is a total goner :) Personally, I think it looks like lightning, and I have a slight headache from the stuff - hahaha - but tried something different, at least. The detail was done with a brown micronpen first.


Day 2: Place

Today my limitation was definitely time, I only spent about 10 minutes on this, I'm afraid. So I went to my "happy place" with drawing today - just mindless pattern making and a bit of my home country (South Africa: I miss it and my family, as I live in the US). When I am just mindlessly sketching, I often go to the markers I loved as a kid and bright, bold, geometric patterns and zigzags reminiscent of patterns from my home continent. And I always think of the sun, of course. A different medium today was coloured pencils for the lighter colouring in.


Day 3: Music

Ok, so today I have quickly moved on from my happy place and things are pretty full on with lots on my plate, as working (& studying) mom, so thought "Stressed Out" (Twenty One Pilots) was appropriate for my music choice :) Therefore, see stressed swirls below.


Day 4: Light

Tried to draw numerous things. Hit a wall (for a couple of days, actually, plus time was scarce, hence delay). Tried other ideas. So... Light as a feather. Done. Using micron pen, brush pen and watercolor.


Day 5: Shadow

Shadow made me think of 'dark' and recent loss. Depressing, but there you go...just a black sharpie (and trusty micron pens for texture) this time. 


Day 6: Comfort

..is drawing & doodling familiar shapes mindlessly...plus coffee. Micron and watercolor.


Day 7: Composition

Wanted to do a little lettering, I really need to practice that. Markers. I love, love these colors together, so much fun. Time is scare, but keeping going - yay! me :) (see, being my own personal cheerleader - haha)


Day 8: Memory

For this one I did a quick and very basic little cartoon of what a cat remembers :) Very silly! I was going to redo/neaten up, re-vectorise and color, but yes, time is not on my side as usual.... :)


Day 9: Texture

Grabbed a whole bunch of different types & hues of blue pen and drew a whole bunch of lines to create texture.


Day 10: Time

Not a lot of it around lately, as I have mentioned a few times before, hahahaha. So I did a 5 minute quick sketch & color for this one. Watercolor and micron.


Day 11: Perspective


Day 12: Space - Watercolor Jupiter.


Day 13: Open. Markers and gel pen.


Day 14: Gift

Love these colors and my brush pens at the moment, that red is just so vibrant. Also used gel pens. Today I'm just going with what feels comfy as I have a bit more time today and enjoying myself. My limitation is lettering, so practicing that.


Day 15: Balance

Tried to achieve balance through imbalance, if you catch my drift?? Not sure I pulled it off with this doodle. Again yummy colors of the brushpen plus gel pen. Need to change upo mediums, but I like this right now :)


Day 16: Depth

Just kept thinking of water. Also want to practice lettering.


Day 17: Nurture. As in what is needed to grow flowers. Watercolor.


Day 18: Past

Struggled with this one, couldn't come up with much in the way of ideas. Evetually resorting to backwards arrow :)


Day 19: Theme

Pretty common theme for me is these sorts of shapes and loads of color.


Day 20: Precious

My family is most precious to me, but decided to draw an abstract gem/jewel/light design. Not thrilled with it (had only 10 minutes), but here is today's offering.


Day 21: Dream.

Wierd one. Many peoiple have dreams where their teeth fall out, myself included :) hahaha!


Day 22: Fear.

...fear of heights.


Day 23: Structure.

Tall people-made ones :)


Day 24: Detail


Day 25: Safe

Just a quick, yet personal doodle.


Day 26: Magic

Happiness is the magical formula, isn't it?


Day 27: Grow


Day 28: Bliss

Think tropical island, cocktail...ah! bliss!


Day 29: Leap


Challenge complete!

Gearing up a bit for my next challenge, getting better at hand-LeTTerInG.
(check out what's next: www.instagram.com/kara.peters)


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