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Feb17- FINAL- F as in Frank Papergoods Co.

UPDATE - Feb 17


Since we're a letterpress company, I wanted our logo to give an overall feel for our aesthetic and brand while maintaining an element of fun and a nod to logos of the past. Many of the applications for this logo will require it to be more of a horizontal layout, so I was leaning more towards the ones in the row second from the bottom.

I combined different elements that I liked from all of them, including a letterpress machine silhouette and our slogan that I came up with : Making an Impression since 2013 and came up with the following, which I think i'm finally happy with:


UPDATE - Feb 13

I took a break from this for a while because I liked the overal aesthetic I'd achieved but wasn't convinced it was the best logo.

I first came up with our own F that I drew by hand and digitized, so that's our very own instead of a font, and will act as our favicon etc.

Then I did some doodling and brainstorming sessions over the last few weeks and had a bit of a brain dump with the following solutions. The original is to the left, the others are based off of that with a few new ideas / layouts thrown in the mix.

I also came up with our slogan: 'Making an Impression Since 2013" (since the majority of our product will be letterpressed or foil stamped) and added this tag line to some of the logos.

Just weighing the pros and cons of each as well as the best layout for our purposes - I'm leaning more towards the horizontal over the vertical ones.

UPDATE - Jan 15

Like Joshua, I liked #1 and #3 so i combined the 2 elements to wind up with these... Not sure if there's too much going on now, though. I may go back to last night's #1.

UPDATE - Jan 14

After reworking all the elements of the past logos i'd done, I came up with these selections.

The first has the iconic F in the circle at the top which is reminiscent of an old typewriter key, and the other 2 are similar to each other but I felt like the addition of the flag ends at the bottom of the 2nd circular one had a bit of a bowtie feel to it which i kind of liked since our card line has a masculine aesthetic.

Feedback is more than welcome, as always!

UPDATE - Jan 10

2 different versions of the new format I think I've decided on after playing around with it another few times.

I thought the 'F' could be iconic of our brand, so either the F is hand written at the start and the Frank is in sans serif with slight underline, or vice versa. The swoosh at the bottom will mirror the swoosh on top of the F, and papergoods company will appear in there in white (the swoosh will be black).


UPDATE - Jan 6

After taking time on the weekend to develop these as final versions I feel like they're still not exxxactly where I want to be, and I have a new concept for making the 'F' in the 'F as in' portion to be the same size as 'Frank', so I'm going to play with that a bit instead. Will post updated versions soon!


UPDATE - Dec. 31

A few inked versions I plan to vectorize and then choose a final

UPDATE - Dec. 30

These are a few rough sketches I've been playing around with to get a feel for the style I'm going for. I'm hoping to finalize the ideas of a couple by combining aspects that I like. Apologies for the handheld photo capture - I'm not at home with my scanner currently.

I've started a stationery company and haven't had a lot of time to devote to the branding side of things. I'm hoping this course will force that into my schedule. :)

The cover photo is a very rough first mockup I put together but would obviously like to change.

I'm heavily inspired by current trends in branding and package design and would like to create a minimal, clean style that draws elements from both. These are some examples of ones I'm drawn to:

Logo Designs:

Package Designs:


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